Elevate Your Practice

ICU RN Jobs at Lakeland Regional Health

“The best part of my day is seeing the team in action; seeing them interact with family members and with patients.”

-Diana Alexander, C3 ICU Manager

Delivering exceptional Critical Care to the community

Sharing a goal of providing exceptional care to every patient every time brings the 4 ICUs that comprise Lakeland Regional Health's Critical Care practice together. Our 29 bed IMCU is comprised of approximately 75% ICU patients – managed by an Intensivist – and 25% that fit the step down/intermediate care unit. This hybrid unit offers RNs experience caring for a variety of patients and illnesses. IMCU, Surgical ICU, Trauma ICU and C3 ICU programs have been recognized by LifeLink for organ donation for the last 7 years in a row and are leading the way for early goal directed sepsis protocol.

Our collaborative environment drives positive results

It’s the people in our ICU that make a difference.  Mindful and purposeful care comes from our dedicated team that is very involved in what is going on, including:

  • Weekly meetings and unit based councils that help make decisions and guide daily practice
  • 24/7 Intensivist coverage and support
  • Collaboration and interdisciplinary rounds with PT, OT, CNS, pharmacists, dietitians, pastoral and palliative care support

Leveraging technology for optimal patient care and safety

An increased level of technology results in better care and safety for our ICU patients.

  • EMR streamlines documentation and provides instant access to vital data
  • State-of-the-art monitoring equipment that is integrated  with our EMR
  • New Alaris IV Pump that interfaces with our EMR computerized system 

A culture of collaboration and education

Practicing evidence-based medicine requires attention to detail, self-motivation and an open mind.  Our engaged and proactive team:

  • Benefits from support from all sides.  Each ICU cares about what is happening with the others.
  • Collaborates to drive positive change that results in positive patient outcomes
  • Has the equipment, education and support that positively impacts the care we give at the bedside